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We are interestd to participate in the celebration of  International Sidewalk Astronomy Night  to be held on May 19 ,2007. The  venue will be at the roof  top of  the office of  our  Society. We might  arrange some other locations also   for sky observation through  a  number of telescopes.  Please go through the website of our Society to see our activities in  Astronomy and Space awareness programmes.  Awaiting your reply . Best wishes. F. R. Sarker
General Secretary Bangladesh Astronomical Society -Dhaka. Bangladesh



We plan to observe the International Sidewalk Astronomy Night on the 19th of May this year and take the pleasure in informing you about the event. The venue would be a wheel chair friendly, close to the main road sidewalk.  7 pm to 10.30 pm, Vanchetna, Social Forestry Centre,  Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, India.                                                       Clear skies, Manoj Pai - Confederation of Indian Amateur Astronomers 


Bhaskaracharya Astronomy Research Centre   
lat: 19-35 N

The Bangalore Astronomical Society will have telescopes out on the 19th. Contact Info : (our website); for location information


Aries Group of Astronomers of Bharuch - The plan to put up scopes in public places. Group of volunteers will also help folks identify some constellations, besides view the celestial objects through telescope.
Venue - B/3 Narayan Nagar 4, B/H Manishanand SAociety
Bharuch - INDIA
Time  - Between 7 : 00pm  to  10 :30pm
Contact details - Arvind Panchal.
Co Ordinator of Aries Group of Astronomers of Bharuch
B / 3 Narayan Nagar 4 .  Bharuch - India


Kutch Amateur Astronomers Association - This amateur group would put several scopes in the vicnity of the largest public park in the city, close to the famous Hamirsar Lake named after the founder of Bhuj. There will be no entry fee.
Venue :  Town Garden,  Near Hamirsar Lake, Bhuj - Kutch
Time: 7 pm to 10 pm
Contact Info. Mr. Narendra Sagar Gor
Our Astronomy club is doing Astronomy activities since 1992
on 19th may we have planned organise a program at three different placecs
1 at Bhuj Near HAMIRSAR Lake this place is very famous, two public garden is near by.  we will put two telescope one is 6 inch reflector and other is 8 inch reflector  the 8 inch reflector Telescope will come first time to the public as well as astronomers. our ten members will remain present for the arrengements the second place where we are going to put the telescope is at Anjar 50 km away from Bhuj mr Pratap Sevak will show the planets and stars from 4 inch refrector telescope  The third place is Mandavi which is also a 48 km away from bhuj here there is 6 inch reflector Telescope is there and Mr. Gaurav Sanghavi & Sumit Rajpara is organising the things once again Thank you for the joing us in your programm


Name: Narendra Gor President Kutch Astronomy Club

phone: 91 9427235070

address: C 122 Mundra Relocation Site, Near Tata Mobile Tower At Post Bhuj District Kutch State Gujarat India Pin Code 370 001

comment: We have planed to put the scopes at three diffrent cities 1 at Bhuj 2. at Anjar 3. At Mandavi we also will inougirate our new 8 inch scope on that day



I Vassant.G.Salgaonkar Life Member Of Association Of Friends of Astronomy Goa would like to inform u that our association would like to participate in the event. we(Association Of Friends Of Astronomy Goa,India) would like to Participate in the sidewalkastronomy event which is goin to take place on 19 may 2007.  We are amature group and NGO body under Govt of Goa, India.  Would like to conduct Event on The Beach Side.  Our details Are Association Of Friends Of Astronomy-Goa   Junta House 6th Floor  Panaji-Goa   India-403001  VASSANT SALGAONKAR []


we are interested in to participate your project. we had 14" meade telescope in our observatoty  Shrinivas S. Aundhkar 
MGM's Centre for Astronomy & Space Technology
Near Airport, Nanded 431 605.(MS).India

Vadodara, Gujarat 
The Amateur Astronomers Association Of Vadodara
Location : Vadodara, Gujarat
We are putting our telescope out in 2 locations of vadodara.on 19th May 2007.  Contact : Bhargav Joshi  email :
website :

New Dehli
SPACE (Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educators) we are an NGO popularising astronomy in kids n general public and can be reached at and have website at  Chander Devgun


Location : Vangani (Near Mumbai)
 6.30 PM to 5.00 AM - IST


University of Sunan Kalijaga
I am very happy and interest for your website. I am a teacher in Islamic University of Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta (Indonesia), In the future I will send information about falak (astronomy) activity in my campus.
Thanks again for your information
Susiknan Azhari
UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta


I'm writing on behalf of Nojum (astronomy magazine of Iran, and Amateur Committee Astronomical Society of Iran  ( We are very interested to cooperate on the first international sidewalk astronomy night.  We will publish the news in on our website, and also in news page of the coming issue of Nojum. Amateur astronomy is active and alive in Iran and there are estimated 4000 amateur astronomers in the country

email:    Name: Hassan Mahvelati

address: Tehran-Iran   comment: we are a group that do observation trips for public

Dear Ms. Smith
Night Sky ("Asemane Shab", in Persian) is the TV show on channel 4 in IRIB.
We will be setting up scopes and having public observing at Tehran, Iran.
Our Live TV Show will air on IRIB4 near midnight (according to the local time) to report public observings around Iran in Sidewalk Astronomy Night.
Yours Sincerely
M.J. Torabi


Kurdistan Amateur Astronomers
for location contact
Rojgar Hamid



Astrophysics Committee of Jordanian Astronomical Society "JAS" will arrange for astronomical night in Amman the capital of Jordan we have enough good telescopes.


Kluang, Johor 
Kim Miau Lee -  It's my pleasure to share the knowledge! My LX90 and our members are ready to share the night skies!  -President of Chong Hwa High School Kluang Astronomy Club.  Robin Lee (Kim Miau Lee)
012-7798823    La:2.033N Long:103.317E  Kluang, Johor, Malaysia.

Kuala Kangsar, Perak                                                       Hi, I come from Malaysia and was amaze by your side walk idea; I would like to organize a side walk astronomy night activity. Goh Chin Soon

 Kuala Lumpur

StarHunter Astronomical Society of Selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan
Date: 19th May 2007, 8:30pm(Local Time)
Venue: Klang Valley Region
Contact: William Chin,
StarHunter Astronomical Society would like take this oppurtunity to share the night sky with public around Klang Valley, Malaysia.
It's our honour to take part in International Sidewalk Astronomy Night in order to "bring astronomy to the public".   Although the proposed sighting venue in Kuala Lumpur city would be full of streetlights, we still have fascinating sky objects, such as crescent Moon and planets to inspire our people.  Malaysia welcomes the world!
Venue: Kuala Lumpur city centre (Merdeka Square)
Date/Time: 19 May 2007 / 1930 - 2300 (local time)
We can be reached at (Stargazer Scientific) or


The Amateur Astronomy Club of Mongolia will participate.



We are amateur astronomers from Nepal. We have been frequently organizing observation sessions for students and the public. Pradipta Shrestha  Kosmandu Astronomical Society


hello, i am leo manosca, 18, also from the philppines. please count me in for the event. i will also set up a telescpe here in caloocan with my friends... i will also send photos of our activities here...

Binan, Laguna

Hello everybody, please count me in on this event   Nestor Non


Dr. Armando Lee   I would like to start Sidewalk Astronomy here in Manila, Philippines.  Thanks. We will organize and deploy several telescopes in different parking lots of malls here in Metro Manila and give free views on May 19. I will send you photos of our activities here in the Philippines. You can announce that we will be celebrating and helping out ISAN 2007 here in the Philippines.


We have volunteers pledging support for ISAN 2007 here in the Philippines. Astronomers from Marikina City and Laguna Province already texted and emailed me saying they will set up and document their ISAN 2007. I will be setting up in Manila and my brother Christopher will be setting up in Pasay City. We just hope we don't et clouded out. We'll keep you informed.



I am student in EMU  (Eastern Mediterranean University    ) in north cyprus . there is spring festival in our university (14-20 may) . we have sky watch program  form 17 to 20 of may in front of science and innovation club stand  . we are counting days for celebrating this night . our instrument meade 8'' lx200


on behalf of the Islamic Crescents' Observation Project (ICOP) and the Jordanian Astronomical Society (JAS). Mohammad Shawkat Odeh

Hasan Ahmad Al Hariri
Dubai Astronomy Group

Saudi Arabia  Jeddah amateur astronomy association  Jeddah , Saudi Arabia. Our amateur astronomers will participate