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Campinas City

Observatorio Municipal de Campinas Jean Nicolini
Campinas city


I intent to participate. The site is about 6 km from 25,4816 S ; 49,2117 W coordinates. Two scopes, 15 and 20 inchs.
Bertoldo Schneider Jr., Prof. Dr.  Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná - Campus Curitiba
Departamento Acadêmico de Eletrônica (Professor)
Programa de Pós-graduação em Eng. Elétrica e Informática Industrial (Prof. Colaborador)
Laboratório de Biotelemetria BIOTA (Professor Pesquisador) Clube de Astronomia da UTFPR, CAUTEC. (Coordenador, Astrônomo Amador)  Curitiba, PR, Brasil (25,4816 S ; 49,2117 W) 
I am just writing to make you know, as I think it's a good thing to make know the people (sorry for my english), that I am an student, here in Brazil, at Curitiba, city of Paraná State and we just knew about the 1sd International Sidewalk Astronomy Night and my phisician teacher told us about it and we will join them next Saturday!! I feel very exciting and happy too!
Congratulations to all of you and have a very good night next Saturday!!
Best regards, Sueli


Contact Alfredo Martins  
GEA Floripa - Astronomia na Calçada
Date/ Hour - Dia 19 de maio de 2007 às 18:00 horas
Local - Trapiche da Av. Beira Mar Norte / Florianópolis / Santa Catarina / Brasil
Equipment - Tl. Meade 10"; Tl. Celestron 6"; Bn. 20X60; datashow and movies
Targets - Conjunção Lua/Vênus, planetas, constelações e céu profundo.


GEDAL (Group of Study and Popularization of Astronomy of Londrina) will be participating of the campaign International Sidewalk Astronomy Night. We will put several telescopes to the local community's disposition. This event will also count with the cooperation of MCT-UEL (Museum of Science and Technology of Londrina - State University of Londrina). Our sessions will be accomplished at places downtown of Londrina.  e-mail contact is:
A great hug to all, and good luck in this taskwork! Miguel F. Moreno

Rio de Janiero State
5 cities

Our astronomy club team (Clube de Astronomia Louis Cruls) will participate in the 1st International Sidewalk Astronomy Night with pleasure.  We will have at least 30 members participating in the ISAN in  Campos dos Goytacazes, Sao Joao da Barra and Itaocara, Sao Pedro da Aldeia, and Niteroi (all cities of Rio de Janeiro state). I have also videos in the following address:  contact Marcelo O. Souza 

Sao Paulo

Contact Tony at   for more information on the locations.



We have three astronomy clubs here, in Coyhaique, and all of them are very glad in participate in ISAN, the clubs are: Coronaustralis, Observatorio El Blanco and, Academia de Astronomía Liceo Josefina Aguirre  Francisco Mardones

Iquique                                                                               Elias Mella Medel with have 3 telescopes out for the public. Contact for location information.

La Serena

We are forming an amateur club of about 40 people here in Gemini South Observatory with some local schools and parents.
Ma. Antonieta Garcia / Public Outreach Office
Colina El Pino s/n

CADIAS (Support Center to the Didactic of the Astronomy) in Altovalsol, La Serena-Chile, located 15 Kms from La Serena city, in the Elqui Valley.  CADIAS will participate with its POA program (Astronomical Observation Program) in the "International Sidewalk Astronomy Night" event , with one "MEADE" LX 200 of 10" telescope, two15 x 70 Sky Master "CELESTRON" binoculars and it will be located in the La Serena downtown square, with logistical support from the Municipality of La Serena. Thank you very much  Hugo and David  Hugo Ochoa

Marco Perez  
Cerro Radae Norte Nº 452 Puento Alto, in Santiago. I´ll have two telescopes that night.
Nicolas Moreno 
Location to be announced. 

Carlos Contreras                                                                           Participaré en Sidewalk Astronomy Night en el "Supermercado Montserrat de Peñalolén" con tres telescopios con niños del Centro Educacional Valle Hermoso de esta comuna. Sidewalk Astronomy at ..... Supermercado Montserrat Avenida Grecia/Consistorial en la comuna de Peñalolén, Santiago, Chile

I will make "Sidewalk Astronomy" at urban center in Las Rejas with Alameda ".     Pablo Figueroa Alvarez

Renaca Beach

I have 2 telescopes.... 5" and 8" Celestron. Arturo Gomez

Science club of the school
Liceo Abate Molina de Talca -
190 students will particpate.
contact Olga Hernandez

Vicuna                                                                                   a group of maybe 6 or 8 sidewalk astronomers with one telescope each.It will be an event at the Pisco factory Capel where we might have a significant number of people attending a little talk and then observing during first half of the night. Oscar Saa at 

Costa Rica

Astrovilla2000 will participate in International Sidewalk Astronomy Night. Marcy Malavasi

Asociación Costarricense de Astronomía-ACODEA Coordinadora Local por Costa Rica de la SEDA Sección Enseñanza y Divulgación de la Astronomía LIADA - Liga Iberoamericana de Astronomía

In Costa Rica we do this kind of activities during summer. Qe named it Sidewalk Telescopes. But this time we plan do it a little different having telescopes in different places of Costa Rica.


We are doing sidewalk astronomy, since 1988, along Mèxico, driving a small old 88, school bus, where we live inside. We have visited more than 300 places in all around the states of Mèxico since then, and still driving. Enoc and Mary

Aguascalientes, Ags.

The Sociedad Astronómica de Aguascalientes wants to be part of this event with 3 or 4 telescopes (shortly we will confirm this). We expect to have 500 people, and we will be placed at a very convenient place downtown. For more information, please contact Geographer Sylvia M. Rios Casanova or Hernán Aguirre Campo: , ,  website

This is an update from the Sociedad Astronómica de Aguascalientes, in Mexico. We would like to confirm our location and number/model of telescopes we'll be using for the 1st International Sidewalk Astronomy Night.

1.- One Lxd-75 meade telescope
2.- One Meade ETX-90EC (3" Maksutov-Cassegrain) telescope
3.- One set of Fujinon 16x70 binoculars, with tripod.
4.- One extra telescope, model pending.

We expect to be able to gather around 500 people. We will be located at "La Exedra", in downtown Aguascalientes.

For more information, please contact Geographer Sylvia M. Rios Casanova or Mr. Hernán Aguirre Campos:

The Sociedad Astronomica de Aguascalientes, in Mexico, would like to let everybody know that we'll be having a conference on May 19th before the public observation begins. The talk will be given by our vicepresident, Manuel Rodriguez Huerta, and it will be called "La Afición Astronómica en Aguascalientes". It will be held at the "Museo Regional de Historia de Aguascalientes", on May 19th at 8:00 pm. There is also a possibility we may have a band playing during the observation, in order to get attention from even more people. So far, the local government of the city of Aguascalientes has been very supportive to this cause.

Durango, Dgo

The "Sociedad Astronómica del Estado de Durango" wish to participate in this beautiful project.
We'll install at least 5 telescopes:
1. Meade LX200 gps 10"
2. Meade LX90 gps 8" (2)
3. Meade LXD55 8"
4. Meade 10" Newtonian reflector
We'll put them in some place (to confirm) downtown. We expect to have, at least, 500 persons.
Enrique Mijares Martínez
Víctor Hernández García


Our club want to participate in the "1st International Sidewalk Astronomy Night".  we are located at Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico. The cotact information is the same as the owner of this email address.  Grupo Astronomico Orion  Contact # 1: Miguel Leal     Contact # 2: Miguel Angel Barba Venegas  email:   Greetings for everyone.

Hermosillo, Sonora

The Sociedad Astronomica de Sonora Carl Sagan  - 2 telescopes.
location pending announcement   
contact: Dr Salvador Aguirre

Juarez, CP

Astronomía Educativa
Contacto: Lic. Alvaro Rodríguez Carrera
Zempoala 244, Col. Narvarte, Del. Benito Juárez, C.P. 03020, Mexico, D.F.
Tels. 5590-2092, 5590-7432

La Paz  Name: Enoc Fuentes López   We are going to be outside the 19th. along the pier, seaside , with two 10'' Dobs. one 10" Refractor Ecuatorial M. ; and a small old Astrocan.

La Paz, Baja California Sur, México.  Margarita Molina Vega, Humberto Manriquez Nuñez, Pepe Farah de Anda   Telescopes: Meade SCT 203 mm f/10 Premier, and Meade SCT 203 mm f/10 Auster         Malecón de La Paz, 19 may 2007   19 to 23 hours

San Luis Potosi

Hi, these are our data:
name: Sociedad Astronomica Julieta Fierro Gossman A.C.
location: San Luis Potosi
state: Mexico
for the event we will present a conference: "Birth, life and death of stars"
We will also show to attending people interactive experiments on physics.
We will place 4 telescopes: 16" dobsonian, 10" SCT, 4" newtonian and 4" Apo refractor.  During the event we will expose graffiti and drawing about astronomy.
We expect 100 to 150 people. Contact: Roberto Bartali


The Sociedad Astronomica de Sonora Carl Sagan, it installed an observation post in Plaza Emiliana de Zubeldia in Hermosillo Sonora Mexico for  Observation this next Saturday 19 May 2007.- during International Sidewalk Astronomy Night so that the public .  Telescope: Newtonian 6 inches.
Operator:  Mr .  Jose Sanchez Moreno.   Best regards. 
Dr Salvador Aguirre   Mexico.

Tepatitlan, Jalisco

Orion Astronomy Club want to be part in this event with
1.- meade ds 70 mm
2.- Orion 8 "
3.- meade etx 70 mm
we hope 500 persons in down town and 100 in other place
Manuel B. de la Mar g.

Queretaro City 

Jesus Munoz - SAQ
5 telescopes


Llano del Hato

Enrique Torres, popularization coordinator of the "Center of Investigations of Astronomy", CIDA (, we want to participate in the 1st International Sidewalk Astronomy Night; for that which we have 3 telescopes:                                         1 Refractor de 4" f15, Polarex   1 SCT 12" Meade    1 Refractor 3" f10, Tasco  Which will be placed in 3 different public places on Saturday May 19 2007.  Representative: Enrique Torres, e-mail:

Grupo de Estudiantes Investigadores en Astronomía y Física (GEIAF) from University: Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador (UPEL), Instituto Pedagógico de Maturín (IPM).
Freddy J. Oropeza