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Byron Bay, New South Wales
We hope to attract a few more telescopes and visitors via the local media and various contacts. We will probably be close the beach somewhere as this is where most people are if its a fine clear night - lets hope so. Count us IN we love it.   Philip Hood and Marie Whealing

Sutherland, New South Wales

Sutherland Astronomical Society Inc. (SASI) will definitely be joining the International Sidewalk Astronomy Night on the streets of the Sutherland Shire in some capacity. We have yet to decide upon a precise venue but I would imagine that it is likely we would set up near the seaside at Cronulla as many people walk along the promenade there.

Muswellbrook - New South Wales

Hello Sidewalk Astronemers!!
We (one good suggestion) are an australian rock band with an almost unhealthy lifelong obsession for learning about, and viewing the rest of the universe!
We have often contemplated taking our telescopes to our gigs to show willing audience members some of what is outside their loungeroom at night. However we have never had the extra time and motivation needed, so International Sidewalk Astronomy Night is the perfect opportunity for us to share the view!
On May 19 we are playing under 18s show at the PCYC in Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia, where we will be inviting people to look through our two telescopes outside before and after the show. We intend to view jupiter and saturn because of their timely appearances on the night.
We would be delighted to be associated with International Sidewalk Astronomy Night, so any extra info would be greatly apreciated!
Joe Learmont and ONE GOOD SUGGESTION! 

Brisbane, Queensland

The Astronomical Association of Queensland will be holding a public event. For more information, contact Max Kilmister at  

Melbourne, Victoria

Event to be held in Gembrook in the outer eatern suburbs of Melbourne Email contact: Telescopes provided.  I hope it is a world wide success. I have spoken to our local papers and coverage will be given.  Regards,  Paul Bech

Count us in for ISAN!  We here at the Bendigo and District Astronomical Society have been doing sidewalk nights for the past 8 months or so and find it very rewarding and a great way of taking astronomy to the people!

On the 19th we will be at various locations around Bendigo, depending on the number of members and supporters we can get, so people can phone 0400 712 883 or email  for details closer to the date.

Well done to you for organizing such an event and I'm sure it will be a huge success. Getting local media behind it is the key and we find that they are more than eager to promote such nights. Our first two nights we had over 200 people turn up thanks to media exposure!  Cheers, Craig Kendal

Karratha, Western Australia

I am taking part in the Sidewalk Astronomy Night  and plan to take my scope to a local youth centre so that it's visitors can have a look at the Pilbara Night sky in more detail. Karratha is a small but growing town on the coast of a very remote region of Northwestern Australia called the Pilbara. Unfortunately there is no Astronomy Club here, but I am trying to get a group going where people can meet together on a monthly basis. I plan on using Sidewalk Astronomy Night as a means of promoting astronomy in the region and hope to get a story in the local paper promoting the event.
Anyone interested in learning more can email me at

New Zealand


It’s a great idea. I will do in AucklandNew Zealand according with the weather

Baylys Beach

Deborah Hambly



The Gisborne Astronomical Society will opening up James Cook Observatory on Kaiti Hill, and some Astronomers will be setting up their telescopes in Treble Court from 6pm until at least 9pm Contact: John Burt (ph 8688210) or email 


Franklin District Astronomers will be hosting a free sidewalk astronomy session to celebrate the International Sidewalk Astronomy Night.  We will be based in and outside the Franklin Arts and Cultural Centre, Wesley St, Pukekohe (opposite Pizza Box).  A gold coin donation would be appreciate to cover our costs.  We are planning to have several of the group's home made telescopes in action including our portable 22 inch Dobsonian.  We will be open for viewing from 7pm and everyone is most welcome.
Look out for article in the Franklin County News. 
Contact: Chris Wilson  +64 9 238 3422


Courtenay Place. Contact Paul Moss

voice +64 21 440 443