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I have received over 100 emails with just an email address and a statement they are joining/volunteering. I'm not sure if this means they will be out with a scope or if they are students that will be out providing sky information to the public.


STAR ROVERS  in BeiHang University
I'm  glad to know the sidewalkastronomynight  19th May, it's great!
Our club is willing to participate at that night, we are able to provide over 7 telescopes 
Le Gaolong

Beijing Planetarium

We have many telescopes and personnels to do this job, and we'd like to call on the other amateur astronomers and middle schools with telescope to join this party. It's really cool! Zhan Xiang will have several telescopes out. 詹想  

We are glad to participate in the 1st International Sidewalk Astronomy Night. As the Amateur Astronomer Association of Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Science, we can provide at least 3 telescopes and several binoculars in two different districts of Beijing. Please contact Wang Liang

Beijing, Zhujiang,

We are ready to take part in the 1st International Sidewalk Astronomy Night. Our location is the West Playground of Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.  (116°18'59.08"E,40°00'14.70"N)  The Astronomy Association, Beijing Normal University is founded in 1991.  3 telescopes will be provided, about 30 participants.  Contact: Haoran.Yu(), tel: 13810896728,  Science Fans Association, University for Science and Technology Beijing, which is founded in 2006, is a students' astronomy association.  Contact: Zeng Weizhou(), Tel:86-010-58914150   Beijing Sky Watcher Association is founded in March 1997, which is an amateur astronomer association led by The Astronomical Society of Beijing. Contact: Zhengshi Wang.

Astronomy Forum at, which was opened in 1999. It is a web forum based on Tsinghua University's BBS.


Amature astronomers from Nankai middle school will take 10 telescopes out on the Three Gorges Square on May 19.Please contact teacher Hong Liu.

Yiming Zhou from Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications will have 80/900 and 80/600 refractions out on May 19.                                                               

Fujian Province

Longyan                                                                             Wei Lu from No.1 middle school of Longyan have a 90/900 refraction.   He will take it out on May 19.


Yao Chen and her son Chenli Yu will have a 60/500 refraction out on May 19.

We're willing to participate the activity. Currently we have 3 participators: Donghua Chen 105mm reflector, Xiangcong Lin 100mm refractor, Liya Luo 80/500 refractor mail:

Guangdong Province

Foshan  Yongbin Wu don't have a telescope,but he hope to do something for the activity.  If someone near them has a telescope, please help them!

Guangzhou  Fengfang Yuan will participate in. She has a 114/900-reflector.

Xuhui Yu will have a 50mm-refraction out on May 19.


Maoming City


I want to participate 1st International on May 19th¡£ My name is Liu Tong  from MaoMing GuangDong province. CELESTRON C8 S-GT,  102/600 refractor telescope,  130mm reflection telescope

Shenzhen  Astronomy Semina of the city of Shenzhen will provide more than twenty telescopes to take part in our activity.

Zhongshan City

Xianhu Park, Shiqi Block, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Prov. The email address is  A student astronomy association will have 4 telescopes to join in this activity. Ten group members will conduct it in the Yixian Lake Park on May 19th.

Guanxi Province

Nanning City

Guangxi University amateur astronomy club. On 19 May we will join in ISAN No matter where we are just do our joy of astronomy  Zhaoxiaofeng

Hebei Province


Hello,my name is YangJiukun.Mrmbers in our team:Yang Jiukun,Wang Haipeng, WangYang,XiePeng,LiuCong.      Class1, Grade1, NO.1 Middle schrool,Cangzhou,Heibei Province

Shijiazhuang  Xiaoguang Guo has a 102/700-refractor.He will take it out in May 19th.

Zhuolu County of Zhangjiakou Lijuan Tang will have a small telescope out.

Heilongjiang Province


 Amateur Astronomy Association of Daqing
Xuejun Zhang 张学军
We are very willing to participate 1st  International Sidewaik Astaonomy Night, Taiwan will organize more astronomical telescope for astronomical publicity in Iron Man Square


The Association of Amateur Astronomers at Harbin and its internet
forum, the Club of Advanced Skywatchers at Ice City (CASiX) will jion
in the 1st International Sidewalk Astronomy Night on May 19, 2007.
At that night, we will open our telescopes and astronomy show to the
public on a central square in Harbin, supporting by Harbin Planetarium.

Phone:   86-451-88305344
Contacts: Jingbo Zhang


Amature astronomers Association of Mudanjiang City. We are extremely glad to know and participate in the event which is a real wonderful and exciting activity. We will provide 3 or more telescopes in the night of May 19th. In fact, our association have organized Sidewalk Astronomy many times in these years.  You are all great and kind people. Best wishes for you.  Liansheng WANG (王连升)

Henan Province


I'm a journalist of Luoyang Night newspaper.I love astronomy very much.Luoyang is a beautiful city,I hope to do something for this activity.

Hubei Province

Xiangfan  Guiquan Chen,a student of Xiangfan University,want to be part of the activity in May 19th.

Hunan Province

Changde  Shuxin Zou will have a 60/700 refraction out on May 19.

Changsha Youwu Tang from Hunan Normal University will have a telescope out on May 19.

Yiyang City

I am a Chinese university student,I want to join this activity. yu euler Two telescopes, possibly two locations

Inner Mongolia

Amateur Astronomers Association will take a part in International Sidewalk Astronomy Night withing about 8 telescopes.  Contact:Yao Zhang,+86 15847180272 Inner-MongoliaChina    Yao Zhang 2007-04-15

Jiangsu Province

Nanjing Gang Wang which have a binocular will take it out on May 19. Tao Zheng from Nanjing University of Finance & Economics will have a telescope out on May 19. Ben Chen will have a telescope out on May 19.

HOHAI UNIVERSITY IN JIANGNING DISTRICT 346#TO SOPHIA 张晶晶 A teacher of No.1 Middle school of Nanjing would like to use their school's telescope to join in our activity.


My name is xujun,our club is nanjing starfans club,form nanjing,jiangsu province in china ,we want jion in sidewalkastronomynight, 

Xuzhou  Three college students of China University of Mining and Technology have desires in ISAN on May 19th.

Jilin Province


email: Name: GaoSong  phone: 8613604307660  address: Class 0608,South campus,Changchun University Of Science And Technology,Changchun,Jilin Province

Wang Zhiyang from the Amateur Astronomy Association of ChangChun University Of Science And  Technology will take part in the International Sidewalk Astronomy Night with at least 2 telescopes on May 19th wangzhiyang.sawang

Name:JingYan Hou
Add:Class0601213,East campus,Changchun University Of Science And Technology,Changchun,Jilin Province


Liaoning Province


This is Renjiang Xie from Dalian, China. I am the head of Dalian Astronomy Popularization Association is going to carry out our 72nd Sidewalk Astronomy
Activities on May 19 in Xinghai Bay Square, which is the largest Square in the Asia, with 30 telescopes and 6 universities student amateurs.
We call people who should the responsibility of promoting astronomy and sharing their gears Astronomy Volunteers or Astronomy Popularizer.
We will work with our local media, we are preparing many posters and with several people who introduce pictures of astronomy to audiences. We have the largest online astronomy forum, welcome to visit it at  BTW, this is an article on Chinese amateur astronomy I wrote for Sky & Telescope:
Please click the pictures for full-resolution scan images of the
article, you can know what is going on here in China.
Renjiang Xie


I'd like to join the 1st International Sidewalk Astronomy Night on May 19,2007.I'am from China.And I live in Fushun,Liaoning province.My MSN is  I will be happy if I can take part in the 1st International Sidewalk Astronomy Night. Dayong Ren


My name is Dayong Ren.I am from Shenyang,China.I,with about another 10 friends,will go out with our telescopes for the ISAN.We plan to take our telescopes to the Government Square in Shenyang ,Liaoning Province.It is the best place I can think out in Shenyang.And we will try our best to take as many telescopes as we can.If you need more information about our plan you can send me an email.

I hope the 1st International Sidewalk Astronomy Night can succeed perfectly in the end. 任 大勇

Ningxia Province

Zhongwei City

My name is Fan Jia'nan.I'm a senior high school student from Shikong,Zhongning,Zhongwei City,Ningxia Province,PRC.I'd love to join in the ISAN.I have a telescope(D:70mm F:900mm).The ISAN is a great activity!

Shaanxi Province

Xi'an  Shaoyi Yang have a big refractor which has a 320mm-diameter.He will use it to do something for the activity.


I'm a student in senior high school in Shanghai China. i operate a school astronomy society. The sidewalk astronomy night is realy a good idea,which can make people on the street love astronomy. Futhermore, it can also do good to our society.  So ,I want to be part of it.

I hope that day will be a nice sunny day so the nightsky will be clear.then, if so, i plan to set 2-3 telescope,or even open school's observatory to observe the beautiful planet--saturn. meanwhile,use some post board to teach people some basic knowledge...



I'sorry maybe I'm a little late send you the e-mail.  I'm a volunteer of ISAN.I will go to a park on the night of May,19th with four of my  friends.We know that there are many children who know little about stars but are curious about them in the park,so we decide to let them join us,and have more fun with them.We will  recognize stars and constellations with them,teach some general astronomical knowledge and  tell Greek mythologies of the constellations. Comparing observing the Saturn with the telescope in our school observatory,we would  rather go to the park,though we just have a small binocular,because we think the most important is how much we love the sky and stars. I hope everything will go well,especially the weather. Best wishes to ISAN. Xiayan Zhao,in Shanghai   赵 夏琰


We hope to join this great night, and let every people know that there is a virgin place, that is night sky. Our equipment are Meade AR6 and 254mm reflection telescope. Tony Gu  and friend (sorry, the name was only in Chinese and sometimes I can't cut/paste it). gu shijun 

_________________________   Zhang Ji

Shandong Province

students from shandong university,China are interested in the sidewalkastronomynight and will take about two telescopes to the pulic on that night.   白 李 

Cao County  Shuo Guan is a student in a junior middle school.He will have a 60/900-refractor out in May 19th.


Qingdao Amateur Astronomers Association,shandong,China.
About  15  Telesope.



Amateur Astronomers Association of Harbin Institute of Technology at Weihai, I stand for our association to express our great interests in activities of 1st International Sidewalk Astronomy Night. And we would like to contribute 3 telescopes to the activities you organized in 19th May. Apart from this, we also hope that our association can become a member of your group to take part in future activities. Please Zhou Hao at


Hello! I want to join Sidewalk Astronomy on May 19th。
My name is Lu Sixuan(卢思璇)。I come from ZiBo ShanDong province,China。 I'm the student of ShanDong University of Technology。I'm president of  astrophile club。Every   astrophile and I enjoy this  

Shanxi Prov.

Xi'an City

Niu Guodong


Tianjin  Xueying Ren will have a telescope out in May 19th.

Tianjin Fuxing middle school: Chunhe Road 1, Hongqiao Block,Tianjin City, China, 12 persons, 2 telescopes. Yang Zhong's email is

I'd like to join the 1st International Sidewalk Astronomy Night on May 19,2007.
I'm Zhang Nan from Tianjin,China. I really Love astronomy andpreciate you ideas! I don't really think we can see the stars because the pollution here is quite serious, but it's still exiting,isn't it?! 楠 张

I want to join the 1st International Sidewalk Astronomy Night. I am in Tianjin, China,and like astronomy very much. I want to let more and more people like astronomy and protect the environment.(Because of the light, we can't see much stars in the city!) 王 颐真

We'are the members of the ASTRONOMY ASSOCIATION of TIANJIN NORMAL UNIVERSITY. We'are pleasure to become the volunteers of the first"Side Walk Astronomy Night".The details of this activities as follow:     Add.:TIANJIN NORMAL UNIVERSITY.tianjin.china   Time: May,19th,2007  19:30-23:00
Liu Zhongli


Urumqi city

I am a student,I am form china Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Urumqi city ,I want join the first international sidewalk astronomy night,our shool have 5 Tracking telescope and some Binoculars. 乌鲁木齐八中天文小组 学术部

Zhejiang Province

Hangzhou  An amateur astronomer comes from Hangzhou,Zhejiang Province. I am a member of Hangzhou High School Astronomy Consortium.Our consortium would like to participate in the International Sidewalk Astronomy Night.We have at least 3 telescopes.    Hangzhou,Zhejiang Province,P.R.China. We are Hangzhou High School Astronomy club.Our club would like to participate in the International Sidewalk Astronomy Night.We have at least 3 telescopes and about 20 volunteers.  Yongchen Liu

Im grade to join in the Sidewalk Astronomy Night. My name is Cunhuai Zheng ,from Zhejiang University in China. Our Astronomy Amateurs Association prepared to organize the activity in the West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. We all hope the weather will be good for us that night :) Now we have five 5 telescope, include one 114900,one 80900,and two 60900, and one Maksutov - cassegrain, and of course same binoculars. Maybe that night we will take two or three to the West Lake, and ten of us will go to enjoy the starry night with the people in Hangzhou. 郑 存怀


office box:YiJin School area  06 forestry technique class   No.67  
Zhejiang Forestry University        Zhejiang province
China  宇 徐

Jinhua  Amature Astronomers Assosiation of Zhejiang Normal University will take about 70 volunteers, use 30 astronomical telescopes.We will increase publicity for more people to participate in the event.

Shaoxing  A volenteer Bin Wang have great interest in this activity.He will provide a 80/900 refractor for this.

Zhuji  Haiyong Yang will have a 50/600-refractor and a 114/900-reflector out in May 19th.